Two types of horse people

30 Dec


There are two types of horse people.  Those who love to ride their horses and those who love the farm lifestyle.  Then there is a third type, the Renaissance horse woman who does everything well, but I’m not going to speak much about her.

Among these types you will find many “alpha mares” who truly believe they can rise to become leader by biting and kicking people.  These are found among both types.  Usually if a scathing look doesn’t subdue you, it is followed by a biting email.  Most horse people, however, are the mares, stallions, foals and geldings (fixed males) of the herd who mostly mind their own business, eat grass and stay out of the way of the alphas.

Amid the first group of horse people are the horse sports men and women.  They may board (keep) their horse at a nice barn and have someone clean the stalls so they can achieve their riding goals, which for many working people involve simply riding at all.  They may do stable chores to save money, but the chores are not their true passion.

The second type takes great pride in watching their compost pile (aka stall cleanings mounded up several stories high) steam.  They may even have a special thermometer to monitor the temperature of the compost pile and record it in a book.  They think of the microbes hard at work decomposing the poop and sigh.

After cleaning the stalls, paddocks, pastures and rearranging the compost pile into an attractive and functional shape, this horsewoman will check over her horses and turn them out to the pasture and watch them play.

During this time, the first horsewoman will have ridden 20 meter circles in an arena, participated in a barrel race, competitive trail ride, steeplechase or won the Kentucky Derby.  She may also have been fox hunting, skijoring, combined driving or jumping her horse bridleless over a picnic table.

The Renaissance horsewoman, of which we won’t speak much, will have done all of this before work.

What do you think?

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