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Katie demonstrates proper ear-pinning technique

31 Dec


This is very important if you are not an alpha mare but want to be one.  Practice this daily and soon you will get all the food.  If this doesn’t work, ask me for more tips.  I have many, including something called the mare stomp.  This involves your front leg.  –Katie

Katie gives advice on food

31 Dec


Dear Katie, there are other horse advice columnists but they are all big horses and don’t understand the unique challenges of being a miniature horse.  I can get into the feed shed, but once I’m in, I can’t get out.  It’s too small to turn around, and if I back out I step on my buddy who is standing right behind me trying to get in.  Signed, Stuck in Paradise

Dear Stuck in Paradise, there is no reason to get out of a feed shed once you are in.  It is the best place to be.  Just keep eating until you have eaten a space large enough for yourself to turn around.  Then, bite your buddy who is blocking the door and he will move and you can jump out.  –Katie