Feeling Trapped? Katie Can Help

2 Jan


Katie understands the unique challenges of being a miniature horse.

Dear Katie, I am too short to reach the gate latch to open it.  My owner has trapped me in a small pen and is not feeding me enough.  All I get is hay and water.  How can I get out and get to the lush grass right outside my pen? Signed, Felling Trapped

Dear Trapped, the answer is simple.  Pretend to like doing tricks.  Your owner will teach you this (see my picture).  Once you have mastered the trick, dump over your water tub.  Drag it to the gate with your mouth.  Push it until it flips upside down, then stand on the tub.  Now you can now reach the gate latch and open it with your teeth.  You will soon be free! – Katie


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