Two Types of Miniature Horse

4 Jan


Two types of miniature horses populate this earth.  The first type is a shaggy, short- legged creature with an impressive coat and wide-set legs.  They often have sweeping manes that reach their knees and it is truly hard to tell the back from the front once winter has commenced.

There is a new type also.  A sleek, elegant mini with long legs and short hair.  This type lacks the impressive forelock and mane of the other type, but if you would like to win shiny satin ribbons in the show ring, this is the type you should seek out.

The first type can plow through a snowdrift and not feel electric fence wire through the thick barrier of fur.  The second type, being a bit more sensitive, may stay in the fence.  But being a mini, they may not.

All minis still maintain a superior intelligence.  If you are used to horses, you may be surprised when your mini outreasons you.  Or opens the gate latch.  Or appears to understand English.

They are all very good at math and if you are off in weighing their hay, they will notice that extra missing ounce and call you on it by acting starving.  They may just act starving anyway.  The smaller and wider the mini the more they feel they need to eat continuously.  So you will find yourself in an endless battle to keep them less wide than they are tall.

The old shaggy type is more likely to survive any future ice ages.  The new type is flashier in the show ring and more elegant to look at.  Which type do you prefer?  Can you tell which type Katie is?


One Response to “Two Types of Miniature Horse”

  1. hensandhippology January 4, 2013 at 10:46 am #

    Katie’s definitely the shaggy shetland type.

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