Katie Gives Advice on Stress Management

14 Jan


Katie understands the unique challenges of being a miniature horse.  She can help big horses, too.

Dear Katie,  I am under a lot of stress.   I am a 15 hand Arabian.  My owners rearranged my paddock and gave me a new water bucket, then put it in a different place.  How can I calm myself down?  Signed, Stressed and Anxious

Dear Stressed,  I understand how difficult change can be.  My owners took away my old water tub once.  It was blue and they replaced it with a green one.  In times of stress, you must be kind to yourself and give yourself time to deal with the changes.  One way to let off steam is to whinny a lot and pace the fence.  This will get your owner to let you out and you can eat some grass.  Eating grass helps with any problem.   Soon you will be at ease again.  – Katie


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