Katie’s Big Show- also known as The Incredible Hula Hooping Horse

17 Jan


One year, we took Katie to an official miniature horse show where only miniature horses with registration papers are allowed. Since Katie has registration papers, they let her in.  And us.  The show started with an official measuring stick, which was sort of like a T square.  Every horse had to go to a steward and be measured.  The steward squished Katie with the T-square stick so she measured 33.25  inches tall at the last hair of her mane (the official miniature horse measuring place).  I thought that was pretty short, since she measured 35 inches at home and I had her signed up for the 34” and taller class.  Wallah!  They measured her again and she was 34 inches tall.  Later I realized most people want their horse to measure shorter.  I, being a novice, wanted my horse to be bigger.

We soon discovered that backyard type mini people do not attend shows like this.  This was the playground of professional trainers and well-heeled amateurs with pro trainers.   My daughter was adamant that her horses, being pasture dwellers, needed their whiskers.  So Katie went into the ring clipped, groomed, with her hair gelled and whiskers longer than a catfish’s.  Needless to say, she left halter class in last place.  Halfway through the show, a friend trimmed her whiskers for us and she moved up a full placing in halter class- from last to second last.

Katie then went in a class called multi-colored mares.  This is for all mares over 34” tall who have spots of some sort.  More than 60% of the points were on color.  Katie placed first under all three judges.  And by then her whiskers were short.

Katie’s next class was something called Liberty.  This is an actual class where you chase your mini around with a plastic bag on a stick to blaring music (in our case “Disco Inferno”)  and they spaz out.  They are judged on their spazzing, which is supposed to include walk, trot and canter both directions as well as whatever bucks and head flips they do to get extra style points.  Katie is very good at bucking and flipping her head, and even spazzing out.  She trots very big when she’s scared of plastic bags on a stick.  So, she placed 3rd out of 12, beating some professionally trained horses.

Late in the night, approaching 1 am, they finally got around to halter obstacle class.  At home, Katie is a halter obstacle genius.  But at shows she gets a little jumpy and hyper.  She did really well until she got to the hula hoop.  I had to stand her back feet in a hula hoop, lift it up around her back legs, over her torso and head and drop it down around her front legs.  I got to her torso and she leapt into the air, spending the hula hoop spinning around her middle.  She was the amazing hula hooping horse!  She did not gain points for that unfortunately.  But she placed first under two judges and second under the third judge who was not impressed with her hula hooping.


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