Shetland Ponies Do Not Canter

19 Jan


Katie understands the unique challenges of being a miniature horse or pony.

Dear Katie,  I am a 47 inch Shetland pony.  I keep having to go to horse shows.  This was fine when all I had to do was walk and trot.  Now they want me to canter, too.  What can I do to stop this horrible new development?  Signed,  Trotter

Dear Trotter,  your owners are living under the delusion that Shetland ponies canter.  Ponies do not canter with a rider on.  They only trot faster and faster.  Or run off.  This is why kids move up to horses.

You may not be trotting fast enough or rough enough or breaking gait often enough.  Practice trotting faster every time you are asked to canter.  If they do get you to canter, pick up the wrong lead.  When you are in front of the judge, break into your fastest, roughest trot.  If none of this works, bite the horse next to you in the line up.

Soon you will get to stay home and eat grass.- Katie


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