Katie Understands that Speaking Up is Sometimes Necessary

28 Jan


Katie understands the unique challenges of  being a miniature horse.

Dear Katie,  I am 28″ tall miniature horse.  When I was out of the fence I left hoof prints in a flower bed and now my owner is mad and has locked me in my stall.   I can’t escape the fence when I’m locked in my stall.  What can I do?  Signed, Locked Up

Dear Locked Up, the only way to get out of your stall is to be either cute or annoying.  You can try both tactics and see which works better.  First make an incredibly cute face.  Tip your nose up and beg.  If that doesn’t work, make the most obnoxious whinny you can muster and start striking the stall door with your front leg.  Soon she will let you out so you can escape and eat her flowers again. – Katie


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