Katie Explains that it is Important to Treat Miniature Horses Right

29 Jan


Katie understands the unique challenges of being a miniature horse.

Dear Katie,
I am a 30 inch tall miniature horse.  My owner has started feeding me inexpensive horse treats.  These come in a 50 lb bag.  They taste like sawdust.  How do I get her to feed me tasty horse treats?  Signed, Quantity over Quality

Dear Quantity, your owner does not realize that miniature horses require a large quantity of high quality treats every day.  This will be hard, but you must refuse to eat the low quality treats.  If you can chew on them and spit them out this makes an even bigger impression.  Soon she will realize it costs more to waste a 50 lb bag than to buy lots of expensive and tasty treats for you. – Katie


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