Katie Understands that Fashion isn’t Everything

29 Jan


Katie understands the unique challenges of being a miniature horse or pony.

Dear Katie, I am 40 inch Shetland pony.  I want a sweater just like Vitamin and Fivla, the Scottish tourism ponies.  My owner refuses to knit me one.  How can I deal with my disappointment?  Signed, Want to be Fashionable

Dear Fashionable, this is a good thing.  Wool sweaters are scratchy and uncomfortable.   They also make you look fat.  You can’t roll in them or scratch yourself.  Escape and eat some grass and soon you’ll feel better.  – Katie


2 Responses to “Katie Understands that Fashion isn’t Everything”

  1. Biocadence January 30, 2013 at 11:32 am #

    Ah, this sweet post has me grinning and giggling. I see that I am not alone in my need to roll and scratch myself. Fashion must warrant this priority! Hehehe! Lovely picture.

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