Smile, It Really Is Funny

12 Feb


Katie is out enjoying her hay, leaving me to write my own blog post today.

Every day, the world conspires to make us forget who we are.  That is one of those trite phrases that usually precedes a superior smile and healing rendition of “Om.”  It’s one of those phrases that, unless you experience it, means nothing.  But if you’ve experienced yourself as who you are, which we all have- and remembered (which we usually don’t), then the phrase is a happy reminder.

It’s easy to think you are a student. mother, child, stall cleaner, unemployed air traffic controller…but the job we do has nothing to do with who we are.  Neither does our hair, clothes, health, possessions, successes or failures.  These have nothing to do with who we are.  But it’s impossible to get through a day without identifying ourselves with an external job or condition.  As long as we have a mind, we’ll see ourselves in relation to the world.

That’s why those saints and sages who lose their minds just laugh.  Because it is really funny.  It doesn’t seem like it most of the time.  But in those flashes when you see through the facade and see the world, and yourself, as they are, then all you can do is laugh and smile.


2 Responses to “Smile, It Really Is Funny”

  1. Shakti Ghosal February 12, 2013 at 9:37 pm #

    Lovely post indeed.

    What is really the aspect of the world which conspire to make us forget who we are? Do we have an awareness of this? To me laughter can be an all healing balm. Apart from the scientific explanation of laughter producing endrophins and thereby improving our feel goodness, it can also nudge us to be in the present in a space of appreciation.I see these as powerful dividends.


    • A New Path February 13, 2013 at 10:27 am #

      I think the world does not truly conspire to make us forget- it challenges us to remember, maybe? Our mind gets attached to the world and then we mistake our true identity with a role we play in the world, or a possession, or some aspect of our health etc. Success and failure becomes a treadmill on which we run…laughter is the best medicine. And when we see our ourselves as we are, all you can do is laugh, smile, be overwhelmed with joy because that is our true nature. I wish I could stay in this state, but having snatches of it is pretty good.

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