Happy National Day of Unplugging

1 Mar


Katie advises that the best way to celebrate is to eat some more hay.

National Day of Unplugging, starting tonight, isn’t that tough considering I don’t have a smart phone.  And it’s easy for Katie, since she has to communicate the old fashioned way, by whinnying.

Tonight I’m listening to frogs sing in the ditches and streams and watching gray clouds drift on the wind.  The trees are dancing in the wind, bare branches rattling.  March has come in like a lion, roaring across the landscape.


One Response to “Happy National Day of Unplugging”

  1. southfortyamanda March 1, 2013 at 8:18 pm #

    Katie must be blogging to our horses on the farm. No matter how much hay we drop outside in their sheds, they run for the wheelbarrow, dragging along any child holding the lead, as soon as they spy the hay filled wagon in the barn!

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