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Katie Knows That Coveting Your Neighbor’s Hay Is Only Good If You Also Eat It

4 Mar


Katie understands the unique challenges of being a miniature horse.

Dear Katie, I am a 33 inch tall miniature horse.  My owner is feeding me low quality hay that tastes like dried sticks.  The Thoroughbred horse next to me gets nice, leafy alfalfa.  How do I get to eat alfalfa?  Signed, Good Taste in Hay

Dear Hay, I understand how you feel.  I also get dry grass hay.  My owner thinks alfalfa makes me fat.  You are lucky to live next to a Thoroughbred, because you can eat all his hay.  You simply have to escape and crawl under his fence and eat all his food.  Do not worry that he is big.  You are bigger.  – Katie