The Possibilities are Endless

22 Mar


This is not horse related, but it is art related.  Since everything is related, I guess it’s a post about everything. 

As a homeschool parent, you don’t receive many kudos.  Make that no kudos.  Society assumes you are Amish or hoarding an arsenal of weapons and cracked wheat.

Oh, well.  I’m used to being different. People homeschool for all kinds of reasons in this day and age.  There are millions of homeschooled kids, most of them successful, happy and can hope to be accepted to college and hold jobs.  If they really want to stockpile cracked wheat, they can do that, too.  The possibilities are endless.

But back to kudos.  One of my kids received awards in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards competition.  She likes to write and make art.   I submitted her work as her “teacher” because of course there has to be a teacher.

Today I received a lovely Made in China (yes, large letters informed me of that in case I had any ideas that the pin was manufactured elsewhere) Teacher Award Pin from Scholastic.

A nice letter thanked me for my “daily efforts in the classroom and the fundamental role I  play in the nurturing of the talents, abilities and personal vision of my students.”

Wow!!!  No one has ever thanked me for that before.  Well, Scholastic did last year.  But no one else ever has.  I don’t even have a classroom.  I think we will keep entering Scholastic as long as we homeschool.   I am feeling really important about now.

Yes, I know the pin is upside down.  Well, I know now. 

5 Responses to “The Possibilities are Endless”

  1. dannigirl2013 March 23, 2013 at 2:15 pm #

    I was homeschooled and I loved it! When I tell people that I was homeschooled, they always look at me in shock and exclaim “really?! You are so…..normal!” People always assume that anyone who was homeschooled was also sheltered, brainwashed, or is going to be a total social outcast. SO NOT TRUE! I think it is great that you chose to homeschool. Your kids will really thank you someday!

  2. Marietta March 24, 2013 at 11:42 am #

    Where do I get my validation letter?! LOL

    • A New Path March 24, 2013 at 9:04 pm #

      I can photocopy this one for you!

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