Divine Discomfort and the Talking Santa

1 Apr


Katie will be back soon, she is busy eating and bossing around other minis.

Divine discomfort.  How do you tell it from the regular kind?  I am not a person who likes change or taking risks.  I don’t need to run the fastest and jump the highest.  I’m more likely to run the slowest, then trip over the jump.

Most of my friends like to go to Great Wolf Lodge, a giant indoor water park with stuffed, talking animals sticking out of the walls.  It was my worst nightmare.  Worse than the motion-activated, dancing Santas that populated Sears a few years ago.  I had to go through Sears to get my daughter, then age two, shoes.  She would start screaming every time we went past a life-sized plastic Santa that suddenly started singing and doing the twist.  She developed a Santa phobia that lingered for years.  I know somewhere there is a landfill full of life-sized talking Santas.  Someday an archeologist will dig them up along with the singing plastic trout.

I much prefer the boardwalk in a marsh where I can watch whirligig beetles swim and listen to red wing blackbirds against a backdrop of blue sky and silence.

Big, loud, noisy- not my thing.  So today I have to roar down the freeway with my little horse in a box and take her to training an hour and half away.  I’m not feeling very comfortable.  When I had horses as a teen, I didn’t have a horse trailer.  I rode places.  Now the horse goes in a metal box and I drive her.  It’s  added discomfort to my life on various levels.  First, I don’t like to burn fossil fuel.  Second, horses aren’t a fan of being hauled in a metal box.  Third, it involves the city freeway, my second least favorite place after Great Wolf Lodge.

But in the long run it will be good.  My daughter will have a young driving horse so our old guy can retire.  Change is never easy.  It always involves some discomfort.  Maybe it’s divine, but maybe it’s just discomfort, like coming unexpectedly upon a talking Santa.  Take a deep breath.  Smile.  You can do it.  The compromises of modern life bring up constant conflicts with my values.  It’s a journey to find how it all fits together.


4 Responses to “Divine Discomfort and the Talking Santa”

  1. thecasualphilosopher April 1, 2013 at 1:22 pm #

    It sure is a journey, isn’t it?! My license plate frame says “Go by horse or go home”. Right. That’s why I’m driving a car 99% of the time…..

    Having to drive a trailer, with a poor horse inside, would definitely put me out of my comfort zone. As you say, the freeway, while I’m on it quite a bit, is not one’s favorite place. Especially not with our loved ones along……At least it is not one of the horrid Santas (that place sounds like something out of a “fun house”–bizarre). You can do it though!

    • A New Path April 1, 2013 at 2:37 pm #

      Thank you! I just made it home thankfully and my mare is settled in at her training barn. I’m glad that’s over! And that there were no plastic talking animals. Freeway traffic was horrid for midday…I think spring break is the problem.

  2. hollykaann April 1, 2013 at 5:12 pm #

    Love your blog! Cute post, I like moving at the fastest speed possible, but we like to relax in the same kind of ways.

  3. A New Path April 1, 2013 at 10:00 pm #

    Thank you!

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