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Two Jumps and a Mariachi Band

21 Apr

DSC08426This weekend I wish I’d taken pictures.  We were down at a 4-H equine contest, and the judging ran into a few issues.  Or the issues almost ran into each other.

The Fair was in full swing during the 4-H judging contest.  Normally that would be a good thing.  But this time it involved Mexican Dancing horses, and the only route from their barn to their dancing place went through the arena where the 4-Hers were attempting the judge a pleasure driving class of four miniature horses and carts.

Mexican dancing horses are big, Iberian and prancy and wear lots of clinking, clanking silver saddlery.  The riders wear large sombreros.  The miniature horses pulling their carts were not enthused about the Mexican dancing horses coming through their class, and the big horses (rightly so) were spooking and showing terror at the sight of any miniature horse, much less one pulling a cart with a human in it.

Chaos ensued.  A mariachi band struck up suddenly behind the back wall of the arena.  Collisions avoided, the class of chaos was completed, the kids moved inside to judge Hunter Hack.

Hunter Hack involves hotter-blooded hunter type horses, two jumps and a hand gallop.  And apparently a mariachi band.  And Mexican dancing horses.  A hand gallop is a controlled gait faster than a canter.  The hand gallops were very fast to say the least.   The horses cleared their jumps at record speed.  There was bucking and spooking and then the judge placed that class.

The last class was miniature horse halter.  This one should be easy and safe.  The minis trot in hand and stand square.  But the Mexican Dancing horses paraded back to their barns and then back to their dancing place endlessly.  And the horses were just as terrified of miniature horses without carts.

The judge gave her reasons, somehow managing to point her megaphone at the ground as she spoke, so even without a loud Mariachi band, it would be impossible to hear.

So that was my weekend.  I hope yours was great!