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Making Waves Gets You What You Want

10 Feb


Dear Katie, I am a 10 hand British-style Shetland pony. When it rains it pours.  It has been raining non-stop this winter, and the water is rising in my paddock.  I’d like to go on vacation.  What can I do?  Signed, Trying Not Make Waves

Dear Waves, Go ahead and make some waves.  The problem is that you are still in your paddock, a place no self-respecting Shetland should be.  Swim over to the fence, and go under, over or through it.  It won’t be hard- trust me.  You can find a scenic location with lots of grass and eat continuously until spring.  If they try to catch you–run.  – Katie


Orange is The New Best Color

10 Feb


Dear Katie, I was wondering how you got your hair so orange and thick?  I am a senior pony with sparse, graying hair seeking a fabulous orange mane.- Signed, Orange, but not a Citrus Fruit

Dear Orange, As you can see, my mane is white.  It’s been that way since I was a foal.  If you are referring to my chestnut-colored areas, these are completely natural and grow right out of my skin.  I suggest you roll in some disgusting, orange dirt if you want to look as good as me-  Katie