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Competition: the Rhubarb Connection

13 Jan


In a book I read awhile ago by Gary Zukav (“The Seat of the Soul”), he suggested competition was the root of violence.   I didn’t understand this when I read it, so it stuck with me.  We compete in horse shows and fairs, and I wasn’t sure how that related to violence.   Our competition involves prancing horses or growing vegetables that compete against other people’s vegetables.  Last year I grew leeks that outdid all other members of the onion family to win the Big Rainbow Ribbon of onions at our community fair.  But I suffered humiliation at the hands of my rhubarb, which received a red danish.

I woke up today finally getting the competition/onion family/prancing horse/violence/rhubarb connection.  It is strange to perform and rank other humans against each other and give some a big prize and put them in descending order.  Or put their work or vegetables in descending order.  No human being is more important or less important than any other.

Do animals compete in nature?  Sure they fight and battle and have dominance and territory.  But they don’t  wreak the violence that humans have done on a large scale across the planet.  They don’t accumulate power beyond what is necessary for survival.

I am not going to stop taking part in shows or putting my rhubarb on the spot at the fair, but I will stop competing.  I am going to work on participating with a different frame of mind.  Maybe I’ll stop competing entirely in the future.  I’m pondering and still not sure where this will lead.  There’s something bigger at work in the world and a change of consciousness is pretty much the only thing capable of saving our world.


Why Is My Lettuce in a Cage?

18 Apr


That  was the first thing I had to ask upon coming home and finding my lettuce starts inside a pet carrier on the picnic table.

On closer inspection, I saw the decimated plants were mere shadows of their lush, leafy selves.  I had left them peacefully basking on the deck rail in black plastic containers.

Now they were tattered bits of leaf.

“The chickens were eating it.  So we put it in the cage,” my daughter informed me.

“Well, thank you. Couldn’t you have set it in the garden inside the fence?”


So that’s how my lettuce ended up in a cage.  The lettuce is fine and has been transplanted.  No plants were permanently harmed in the making of this blog post.

Katie Believes That Gardening Can Be Therapeutic

21 Mar


Katie understands the unique challenges of being a miniature horse.

Dear Katie, I am 34 inch miniature horse.  I am not sure why my owner plants flowers in the yard if she doesn’t want me to eat them.  What is the point of a flower garden?  Signed, Good Taste in Flowers

Dear Taste, there is no other point to a flower garden, except sometimes it is fun to trample it.  Only do this after you eat the plants you want, though.  -Katie