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Katie Says Don’t Worry, Be Happy

23 Mar


Katie understands the unique challenges of being a miniature horse or pony.

Dear Katie, I am a 40 inch  Shetland Pony.  It’s supposed to be spring but it’s still snowing.  Are we entering another ice age?  Should I worry?  – Signed, Where Is Spring?

Dear Spring,  do not worry.  You are fine.  Shetland Ponies can survive any Ice Age.  – Katie

Impending Ice Age? No problem for minis.

2 Jan


In Western Washington, where sunshine is liquid and mud wipes you out, a cold, crisp day is a treat.  The land crunches instead instead of sinking under your feet.  The air is clear since all moisture is frozen fuzzy white on the grass, roofs and trees.

And the hose.  Oh, yes.  I forgot about that.  The long, green vinyl thing attached to the hydrant that is used to move water.  Which animals need to drink.  It, too, is frozen solid and crunches when moved.  That’s OK.  If there’s water in buckets, just kick them and the ice shatters.  Just hope your toes don’t.  Don’t try that in tennis shoes.

Miniature horses also have a special frosty quality.  Since they are small yak-like beings descended from Shetland ponies, they have 4 inch long coats.  Under that coat they are warm and toasty.  On crisp days, the coat puffs up and stands straight out, making them look extra wide.  The outer fur tips are so far from the warm interior of the pony that they are frosted with white.  As are whiskers that could rival a catfish.

If it were to snow, which it does at least once every winter, the ponies will plow through snow up to their knees, paw for grass and walk around with a platform of snow on their backs, just like your car accumulates.  They were, after all, the first mode of transportation.  These little ponies will practically disappear into the snow drifts and be perfectly happy.

If there is indeed another ice age, I know they will do just fine.  Even if the hoses freeze.