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Magazines are fun

30 Dec


I love magazines.  Especially horse magazines.  One of my favorites is Horse Illustrated.  It has lovely photoshopped posters of Gypsy Vanners and Arabians.  We first discovered this magazine while trapped for 7 hours in the Denver airport.  We had eaten all the ice cream, popcorn and junk food we could, slept, walked and finally wandered into the bookstore.

A beautiful Hackney pranced across the cover.  It had a horse poster!  My daughter was overjoyed.  She liked it so much we subscribed.  Soon she began to notice many of the articles were recycled.  The same horse poster reappeared.  The articles seemed to imply the only real horse you’ve handled is a Breyer.  Those things hanging from the saddle?  Those are stirrups.

So we moved on to the Horse, a more advanced horse magazine.  It was a little too advanced, as in it was geared toward those who were interested in how to reattach a horse’s severed leg and look inside their intestines in search of parasites. After giving the magazine a decent burial in the recycle bin we moved on to Equus.

Equus is a less intense version of the Horse.  It has enough suitably gross photos and articles on hoof abscesses and parasite life cycles to please a vet, but also has informative articles on conformation and even a human interest piece about deep human-horse bonds and struggles.

Now that horse diseases and parasites had been covered, a magazine about actual riding was in order.  What could be more appropriate than one called Horse and Rider?  When it arrived, we realized it was a Western magazine and my daughter rode English.  She didn’t own a western saddle.

But it has a lovely section where a smiling judge (wearing a cowboy hat) asks you to place aged quarter horse mares or Appaloosa geldings.  Once there were even Tennessee walkers.  Western ones, of course.