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A Blog for Each Personality

21 Sep


When writing a blog, conventional wisdom says to be consistent, keep on topic and start a new blog for every one of your multiple personalities.

If you have very prolific personalities, that works great.  But if you have some personalities that only crank one post a year, then you’ll just have blog drift.  That’s where your blogs drift off into nowhere and you have to go find the blog next you want to post because you have no idea where it went.

Originally blogs were not so specialized.  The goal wasn’t to conquer the universe.  Now, whoever has the most readers wins.   It was once about writing.

Everyone is busy and the information age has become information overload.  I admire the bloggers that keep on writing for the sake of writing.  Like a zen monk sitting on a rock, they just are.  Whatever they are is fine.  And it shines through.

In blogs you will find original, unedited voices. I enjoy the blogs where all the personalities get to play in one blog.  Who needs a separate blog for every topic?  I like diversity.  If you’re looking for the most readers, maybe.  What is your goal?  To write or accumulate?

Horse Drama

23 May


The vast majority of the horse world is occupied by drama.  Often you don’t just buy  a horse, you buy a horse drama.  And it’s hard to not buy one.  It comes free with the horse whether you want it or not.  Sort of like an extended warranty.

When you go to buy a horse, the trouble begins.  If the horse is so great, why are they selling him/her?   Common answers include:  “no time” (to get bucked off),  “need to downsize” (got bucked off), “horse too small”  (bucked kids off), “injury prevents riding” (got bucked off and broke shoulder), “too many horses” (this one bucks so I’m selling it and keeping the others) “daughter lost interest” (because horse bucked her off).

If you do like the horse, suddenly the price goes up.  Or a million other strange things happen that make being abducted by aliens seem ordinary in comparison.  If you enjoy shopping too much, try to buy a horse.  Soon you will never want to shop again.  Even for groceries.  So you should stock your pantry well before attempting this exercise, so you don’t starve.

After I bought the raffle ticket for $1 to win a draft horse at the fair, I broke out in a cold sweat.  What if I won?  What would I DO with the draft horse?  Where would I put a draft horse?  Thankfully I did not win a draft horse.

Unlike Katie herself,  Katie’s purchase was without drama.  And she is small, so unlike a draft horse, I have a place to keep her.  She was one of the simplest horse purchases I ever made.  She is a zen horse- she keeps me honest.  And humble, by humiliating me at shows.  So I never get too full of myself.  She keeps me in “beginner mind”– the place where magic happens, and I am grateful for that.  It is much better than drama land.

What Brings People to Read a Blog

19 Apr

For some time I’ve been pondering what draws some, um.. let’s say…NOT family friendly bloggers to hop over and read my tales of horses, farm life, zen, art and rainy weather.

It’s all unicorns and rainbows here.  And fluffy kittens.  The unicorns have pet fluffy kittens.  So do the rainbows.  There’s no innuendo present.  Or past.

I’ve discovered some very cool blogs by seeing who stopped by.  And then there are a few that require brain bleach.   So there you have it.  Whenever I figure this one out, I suspect I won’t want to know.

Divine Discomfort and the Talking Santa

1 Apr


Katie will be back soon, she is busy eating and bossing around other minis.

Divine discomfort.  How do you tell it from the regular kind?  I am not a person who likes change or taking risks.  I don’t need to run the fastest and jump the highest.  I’m more likely to run the slowest, then trip over the jump.

Most of my friends like to go to Great Wolf Lodge, a giant indoor water park with stuffed, talking animals sticking out of the walls.  It was my worst nightmare.  Worse than the motion-activated, dancing Santas that populated Sears a few years ago.  I had to go through Sears to get my daughter, then age two, shoes.  She would start screaming every time we went past a life-sized plastic Santa that suddenly started singing and doing the twist.  She developed a Santa phobia that lingered for years.  I know somewhere there is a landfill full of life-sized talking Santas.  Someday an archeologist will dig them up along with the singing plastic trout.

I much prefer the boardwalk in a marsh where I can watch whirligig beetles swim and listen to red wing blackbirds against a backdrop of blue sky and silence.

Big, loud, noisy- not my thing.  So today I have to roar down the freeway with my little horse in a box and take her to training an hour and half away.  I’m not feeling very comfortable.  When I had horses as a teen, I didn’t have a horse trailer.  I rode places.  Now the horse goes in a metal box and I drive her.  It’s  added discomfort to my life on various levels.  First, I don’t like to burn fossil fuel.  Second, horses aren’t a fan of being hauled in a metal box.  Third, it involves the city freeway, my second least favorite place after Great Wolf Lodge.

But in the long run it will be good.  My daughter will have a young driving horse so our old guy can retire.  Change is never easy.  It always involves some discomfort.  Maybe it’s divine, but maybe it’s just discomfort, like coming unexpectedly upon a talking Santa.  Take a deep breath.  Smile.  You can do it.  The compromises of modern life bring up constant conflicts with my values.  It’s a journey to find how it all fits together.

The Possibilities are Endless

22 Mar


This is not horse related, but it is art related.  Since everything is related, I guess it’s a post about everything. 

As a homeschool parent, you don’t receive many kudos.  Make that no kudos.  Society assumes you are Amish or hoarding an arsenal of weapons and cracked wheat.

Oh, well.  I’m used to being different. People homeschool for all kinds of reasons in this day and age.  There are millions of homeschooled kids, most of them successful, happy and can hope to be accepted to college and hold jobs.  If they really want to stockpile cracked wheat, they can do that, too.  The possibilities are endless.

But back to kudos.  One of my kids received awards in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards competition.  She likes to write and make art.   I submitted her work as her “teacher” because of course there has to be a teacher.

Today I received a lovely Made in China (yes, large letters informed me of that in case I had any ideas that the pin was manufactured elsewhere) Teacher Award Pin from Scholastic.

A nice letter thanked me for my “daily efforts in the classroom and the fundamental role I  play in the nurturing of the talents, abilities and personal vision of my students.”

Wow!!!  No one has ever thanked me for that before.  Well, Scholastic did last year.  But no one else ever has.  I don’t even have a classroom.  I think we will keep entering Scholastic as long as we homeschool.   I am feeling really important about now.

Yes, I know the pin is upside down.  Well, I know now. 

Be the Change

25 Jan


The surest way to clear a room is to talk religion or politics.  Another good one is gun control.  Opinions make people uncomfortable.  Faced with someone very different from yourself, how do you respond?  Can you take it or do you leave the room?  Do you say something inflammatory within their earshot or now, social-media shot?

What are our opinions?  Do they define us?  Are they a solid item useful for bludgeoning  others who don’t share them?  Is an opinion a part of your home decor, like a lamp or table?  Can you give it away once it’s no longer useful?

How much discomfort is caused by a difference of opinion?  A lot.  A difference of religious opinion can either set someone squirming or cause them to start a war.  I think we are the only species who is so attached to our definitions and opinions that we are willing to kill for them.  We cease to listen.

So here’s a challenge.  Can you stay present with someone spouting a different opinion?  If you did, what would happen?  Would the opinion dissipate into thin air as the vibrations of words ceased?

In most cases, yes.  If it’s a true injustice, think Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks.  Think new ways.  Because if we don’t, who will?  Speak up from a place that doesn’t throw flames back, but comes from the fire of your soul.  Don’t be afraid to speak your opinion.  Don’t keep quiet.  Is there a paradox here?  Not really, if you think about it.  Can I do this?  Well, sometimes.  I’m working on it.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” — Mahatma Gandhi  (He got results)