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A Blog for Each Personality

21 Sep


When writing a blog, conventional wisdom says to be consistent, keep on topic and start a new blog for every one of your multiple personalities.

If you have very prolific personalities, that works great.  But if you have some personalities that only crank one post a year, then you’ll just have blog drift.  That’s where your blogs drift off into nowhere and you have to go find the blog next you want to post because you have no idea where it went.

Originally blogs were not so specialized.  The goal wasn’t to conquer the universe.  Now, whoever has the most readers wins.   It was once about writing.

Everyone is busy and the information age has become information overload.  I admire the bloggers that keep on writing for the sake of writing.  Like a zen monk sitting on a rock, they just are.  Whatever they are is fine.  And it shines through.

In blogs you will find original, unedited voices. I enjoy the blogs where all the personalities get to play in one blog.  Who needs a separate blog for every topic?  I like diversity.  If you’re looking for the most readers, maybe.  What is your goal?  To write or accumulate?

What Kind Of Horse are You?

1 May


After reading a blogger refer to herself as a sturdy little quarter horse, I became aware that I am probably a neurotic OTTB.  That’s off-the track Throroughbred.  If you’ve never met a Thoroughbred (race horse), many of them tend to be a little hyper.  They stew a lot about the meaning of horse life.

So what kind of horse are you?

Draft horse:  Goes about business without sweating the small stuff.  Sturdy and can sleep standing up.  Can carry a heavy load without breaking down.  Needs grazing muzzle.

Pony:  Busy thinking, calculating and possibly talking.  Superior intellect and knows it. Small and sturdy without many problems but may need  grazing muzzle.  Not afraid to take on the big players.  May also work for NASA in space program.

Miniature horse:  no concept of own size and inflated sense of self.  Thinks world revolves around themselves.  This may or may not be true.  Napoleon was a miniature horse.

Appaloosa: always right and knows it.  However, will work for a boss who makes logical sense and pays fair.  Strong sense of self.

Quarter horse: sturdy, calm, minds own business and doesn’t worry about other horse’s problems.  Goes own way and likes to push cows around.  Doesn’t get involved in horse drama.

Arab:  Worries about other horse’s problems.  Worries about the wind.  Worries about rocks.  Worries about having a blue feed bucket.  Generally sensitive, caring and likes to have a job and be useful.  Learns fast.

American Saddlebred:  fancy stepper with a lot of show.  May be insecure behind the beautiful exterior, but no one can tell.

Mixed breed: any combination of these and any other characteristics.