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More Horse Shopping

5 Oct


We’re going to look at another horse tomorrow, the second one this week.  He is not fancy.  I’ve gotten into trouble with fancy.   Maybe he’ll turn out to be our next  riding horse.  My criteria has been downgraded to safe, sane and sound.   I know he will not be a Bwert;  this one is definitely gelded.

Adventures in Horse Shopping

18 Sep


The only one happy about today is Katie.  That’s because no new horse is coming to reside in her extra stall, which she currently uses as her extra bathroom.  Just because she’s a mini doesn’t mean one bathroom is enough.  That’s because Katie uses all stalls as a bathroom and sleeps out in the dirt of her paddock.

I finally became brave enough to go horse shopping again.  I had a detailed conversation with the owner of a  “4-H and trail” horse on the phone, and the horse nearly glowed with perfection as the owner described him.  He was beautiful.  He was a trail horse but collected in the arena with a Western jog and rocking-horse lope.  You could let him sit six months and climb right on!  Ride him with no tack and he behaved perfectly!  He was not herdbound in the least and he was kid-safe.  He was a paint horse.

I arrived to see what looked like a Tennessee Walker.  No, he was a paint, she said.  He had some marking on his face.  He looked a little squirrely and took off when she tried to catch him.  She tied him up and he gave us that cranky look camp horses give humans.  She crammed a tom thumb bit in his mouth and saddled him.  Her son walked over wearing flip flops.  She had him climb on the horse barefoot with no helmet and trot the horse.  He hung onto the saddle horn as the horse executed a speedy gait resembling a jackhammer.

Meanwhile a foal was wandering around.  A weanling.  She was running back and forth and all around us, whinnying.  She was making me nervous because I was reading the big horse’s body language and he was getting worried about the foal.  Not to mention that I didn’t want to get kicked.  The owner finally locked the foal up.  My daughter got on the jackhammer horse.

She asked him to walk and he humped up wild eyed and gave a buck.  She dismounted quickly and the owner said, “I guess he is a little bit herdbound.”


I don’t know why I keep horse shopping.  I guess it’s because I want a horse.  But really, there must be a better way.  Like cloning. Or ordering a horse on ebay.

Horse Drama

23 May


The vast majority of the horse world is occupied by drama.  Often you don’t just buy  a horse, you buy a horse drama.  And it’s hard to not buy one.  It comes free with the horse whether you want it or not.  Sort of like an extended warranty.

When you go to buy a horse, the trouble begins.  If the horse is so great, why are they selling him/her?   Common answers include:  “no time” (to get bucked off),  “need to downsize” (got bucked off), “horse too small”  (bucked kids off), “injury prevents riding” (got bucked off and broke shoulder), “too many horses” (this one bucks so I’m selling it and keeping the others) “daughter lost interest” (because horse bucked her off).

If you do like the horse, suddenly the price goes up.  Or a million other strange things happen that make being abducted by aliens seem ordinary in comparison.  If you enjoy shopping too much, try to buy a horse.  Soon you will never want to shop again.  Even for groceries.  So you should stock your pantry well before attempting this exercise, so you don’t starve.

After I bought the raffle ticket for $1 to win a draft horse at the fair, I broke out in a cold sweat.  What if I won?  What would I DO with the draft horse?  Where would I put a draft horse?  Thankfully I did not win a draft horse.

Unlike Katie herself,  Katie’s purchase was without drama.  And she is small, so unlike a draft horse, I have a place to keep her.  She was one of the simplest horse purchases I ever made.  She is a zen horse- she keeps me honest.  And humble, by humiliating me at shows.  So I never get too full of myself.  She keeps me in “beginner mind”– the place where magic happens, and I am grateful for that.  It is much better than drama land.