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The Last Blast of Summer

18 Aug

More Katie Pics

With the strange phenomenon called summer continuing, I haven’t been writing very much.  We haven’t seen much sun in recent years, so instead of being hunched up over a caffeinated beverage squinting in the gray gloom of the Pacific Northwest, I have been outdoors enjoying the sun.

And Katie, like Pigpen, emits a cloud of dust when she walks. Everything is dry.  It’s not quite dry enough to stop the grass from growing though. It’s green and dry. So we still have to mow.

The mornings are getting cold and fall is creeping up with the promise of chill and rain.  One day the sunshine will be over and the days will be viewed through windshield wipers and the hoods of raincoats.  It will be dark before 4 pm and not much brighter at noon.

Katie has one more show to humiliate me at this year.  It will be on Labor Day if we decide to go.  It depends on how much ego I need to burn if I will go.  People always think Katie looks cute as she humiliates me.

This show will involve jumping, so she will either fly over the jumps perfectly like she does at home or pretend to never have seen a jump in her life, stomp on my feet and knock over the ones she doesn’t refuse.  She might fly over one just to show she could do it if she wanted to.

We might also try Liberty class again.  In that class, I chase her around with a plastic bag on a stick while she spazzes out to Disco Inferno (her music).  Then I attempt to catch her when the music stops.  If she is really pissed off about being chased around with the plastic bag, she might not let me catch her.  Then we’d be disqualified.  Or she could want me to catch her and we’d get clapping and a ribbon.  Hopefully not a black ribbon, though.  She got a black ribbon for fourth place at the last show.  I put that one in the garage behind some stuff.

Katie makes sure I don’t get big ideas about winning fantastic prizes and world championships.   Every now and then she decides to be on my side and we end up with a good placing.  But I never expect one, because Katie’s not the kind of horse who aspires to worldly success.    World domination, maybe, but not worldly success.

Summer in Seattle

25 Jul


My blogging has suffered from the first great summer we’ve had in the Seattle area in five years.  The pent up energy from three years of miserable summers has driven me outdoors to do things like garden and stare into space absorbing the sun’s rays.  If I could photosynthesize I would.

Clear blue skies, 70 degree breezes and occasional days that break 80 make staying indoors a crime.  It cools down into the 50s and 60s at nights before warming up.  The air is fresh off the Sound and smells of salt and sea life.

I didn’t need a winter coat or hat on the fourth of July.  The furnace only turned on twice during the entire month of July, which is nearly over.  Tomatoes are ripening- a strange phenomenon that occurs a few times every decade.  The polar ice caps may be melting, but at least we have tomatoes.

It’s paradise.  Last year we counted our summer in hours and days.  This year it will be weeks and maybe even months.  We’ve been to the beach and played in tide pools, rearranged starfish, and picked up hermit crabs.  We went to horse shows without rain gear and had to dig out long-forgotten tubes of sunscreen and sun hats.  Short sleeve shirts in near-pristine condition were dug from the back of closets.

When we get a summer like this with perfect 74 degree weather, green grass, birds singing, flowers blooming, white-capped mountains crisp on both horizons, I want to stay here forever.  The beach sands are warm, except where the icy northern waters lap at the edges.

No mosquitoes bother us and few biting insects live here.  I haven’t ever seen a tick.  Our snakes aren’t poisonous.  They are innocuous garter snakes that bask in the sun at the edges of pastures and paths.

There is no place better when the sun shines.  Unfortunately,  we may only get a few summers like this in a decade.  But when they happen, this place is truly paradise.